Client Feedback

Here is what some ex-clients have written:

You really helped me to turn a corner
You helped me to develop the skills I needed to face my obstacles
For the first time I feel that I know who I am and I feel well
I now feel ready to take the next step in my life
You have weathered the storms and we have come through
Our work has enabled me to understand my feelings more fully
Respect, warmth and powerful moments in our session have enabled me to express painful and powerful emotions
I now feel as though I know myself much better
Nicole managed to encourage me to say whatever was on my mind and or bothering me without making me feel at all uncomfortable or self-conscious
I felt like a better person after each session and I never felt as though we ran out of time or had not covered things with enough depth
Having felt initially nervous about the Counselling, by the end I found I was actually looking forward to going to the sessions
I would recommend this to anyone.