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What model of psychotherapy?

Whatever work we do, you will be the centre of this process and I will be there for you. Models will only be there as reference tools.

I was originally trained in Psychosynthesis. The importance of empathy and deep listening are central to this approach. It works with the unconscious roots of our pains and obstacles but also acknowledges the transpersonal dimension in all of us. It works with our natural tendency towards growth and harmony. Roberto Assagioli, The founder of this model, was a student of Sigmund Freud. He has developed some specific therapeutic techniques based upon the symbolic representation of sensations, feelings and emotions through movements, sounds and images as well as words.

Through work and training I have developed and gained experience in other models of Counselling as well.

Within the framework of Sutton Counselling since 2005 and of IAPT since 2008, I have worked for ten years using Psychodynamics, focusing on the present interaction and the way it frequently reflects some of our habitual patterns which may have served us in the past but may not be so useful to us any more. Such insights can have a transformative effect.

I have also developed my knowledge and experience of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). I find this model complementary to most other approaches and, with practice, it helps to recognise what our automatic thoughts are. This provides non judgemental ways to get in touch with our difficult feelings, to recognise our negative thinking patters and to make the changes we want to make in our lives. I have found it particularly helpful to deal with anger management, depression and anxiety.

CBT can be combined with a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) as this approach helps us to become more aware of our body, thoughts and emotions. This can lead to greater self awareness with care and compassion for ourselves.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is proving to be particularly effective in working with recent and older Trauma of all kinds. I am an accredited EMDR practitioner and have been using this model regularly since 2012.

I am also fully trained in Lifespan Integration Therapy (LI). It is based in neuroscience and has evolved from EMDR. It can also be helpful in dealing with recent and distant Trauma.

I am trained in Hypnotherapy. This can be particularly helpful with anxieties and phobias like fear of flying, fear of heights for example and with various obsessions.

There is a great wealth of models on offer but we will focus on what you find most helpful to overcome your obstacles and begin to feel better in yourself.

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